Battery Conditioning

An underperforming hybrid battery is costing you a lot of money and you may not be saving as much money by driving your hybrid car as you think. An underperforming battery pack can result in decreased fuel economy and torque, leading to significant battery replacement costs, amounting to as much as $4,000- $9,000. Hybrid Battery Conditioning is approximately 1/3 of the cost of battery replacement and provides just as much enhanced fuel economy – between 10-35% in fuel economy improvements depending on the initial SOH (State of Health) of the battery.

Reconditioning your battery can also enhance vehicle performance – every HEV serviced will perform more efficiently, cost less to operate and have improved drivability; and significant cost-savings to owners. You’ll get immediate and noticeable results. Customers from Marin, Novato, San Rafael, Petaluma, Tiburon, and San Francisco experience improved performance and fuel economy immediately following completion of the battery conditioning service at the Marin Hybrid Shop. Don’t wait, call (415) 883-0300 to schedule today or use our easy online scheduling service.

We are proud to offer a full range of hybrid car services so you can be sure that our local hybrid drivers receive the highest quality of one-stop-shopping for repair and maintenance for their hybrid vehicle. This comprehensive menu of services includes:

  • Battery Pack Conditioning and rebuilding services.
  • Testing of electric transmissions, DC-DC converters, power inverter and control systems.
  • Hybrid specific maintenance.
  • Marin Hybrid Shop will also offer the optional State of Health (SOH) program that assesses the vehicle’s bigger picture, which is conducted prior to Battery Pack Conditioning to evaluate how different aspects of the car are trending to deliver maximum results, reliability, and cost-savings from hybrid vehicle services.

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